NZ vs Oz Score Prediction!!

NZ vs Oz Score Prediction!!

Post by M. Baylis » Sun, 16 Jul 2000 04:00:00

It is just under two hours until kick off in the big test.  I am not very
good on predicting scores, and I am feeling a little nervous about tonights
game :)
Being a Kiwi, I hope my beloved ABs will be the winners. I am also hoping my
fave AB, Christian Cullen, will score TWO tries.
My prediction for the final score is: ABs=32    Wallabies=25.
I am trying to think positive :)
I guess we will all know the truth around 11.30pm(NZ time).

Having said all that........the best team on the night will take it away :)
Enjoy the game all of you.


"The World and I, we are still waiting,
  Still hesitating,
  Any Dream will do"