Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club

Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club

Post by MRUF » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club is currently planning to send a team of
players on a tour of Tasmania at the end of this season ( end of September
1997).  We shall be visiting Launceston on 25th and 26th September and
Hobart on 27th and 28th September, which coincides with Hobart's Grand
Finals we are led to believe.  We have organised games in Hobart and there
is the possibility of a game in Launceston.

The purpose of this Email is to inform rugby supporters and other
interested parties of our plans and to announce a sponsors raffle we are
organising as a means of raising funds.  The sponsors raffle consists of a
draw from approximately 100 tickets purchased by companies who wish to
benefit from free advertising on all our tour apparel (shirts, hats, etc),
kit bags, flags and banners.  The tickets cost a mere $50 each and can be
purchased from the club captain, Rob Osborn alias "Schnoz".

If you have any comments or information relevant to this tour, or you wish
to purchase a ticket, please contact us at the Email address below.

Thanks and regards.


Contact Colm Tarpey or Schnoz at