Massey University RFC Newsletter 30 May 2000

Massey University RFC Newsletter 30 May 2000

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30/5/2000 - Nearing the end of the first round for most grades.

Club Rugby in the Manawatu is nearing the end of the first round of
competition and to date Varsity sides have dominated the competition.
Already two trophy's are safely in the trophy cabinet. The K's and the Colts
have won their respective competition's first round.

In the Senior 2nd, Senior 3rd's, Senior 4ths, Colts - Pool B and in the
Women's competitions Massey Teams are leading or extremely well placed to
collect the silverware for the first round.

The reflection of this *** in the grades is born out by the number of
players who have been selected for Rep teams and Rep trial teams. Well done
to all concerned.

Varsity Players make first Manawatu Rep team.

A VARSITY dominated Manawatu rep rugby backline to face Wairarapa-Bush on
Wednesday 31st May 2000 is almost harking back to Manawatu's glory days.

Four of the starting seven backs are Massey men and all of them starred as
Varsity laid waste to Feilding Old Boys in club rugby on Saturday.

Two of them are the fastest men in the squad, fullback-cum-wing Cameron
Drake a shade quicker than halfback Michael Pettman.

Pettman gets to start at Memorial Park, Masterton, in his favoured position.

The other students are first-five Nigel Keegan who gets a chance at a higher
level and the tanklike second five-eighth James Truman who is in for last
year's captain Phonse Carroll.

Other Varsity players in the squad to take on the Wairarapa Bush include
blindside flanker Mark Knofflock, and in the reserves flanker Blair Robinson
(brother of newly named All Black Mark Robinson) and Varsity goal kicking
ace John Guise are expected to get a run.

Manawatu Club Senior One Round Up

Kia Toa's big upset over Marist in club rugby on Saturday has proved 10 of
the 11 teams in senior first are competitive against each other.

The only side way out of its depth is Freyberg which is averaging 60 point

But on Saturday's form, Kia Toa with its burly pack and its weekly
improvement would keep everyone other than the rampaging Real blokes from Te
Kawau on their toes.

Coach County Clarke has turned around the double blues from a mediocre unit
at the start of the season and they will test Oroua at Kimbolton next
Saturday. Kia Toa is now eighth equal with Oroua but only one point ahead of
College Old Boys as, the race for top six heats up.

The only certainties for that are Te Kawau and High School Old Boys. The
disappointing Marist cannot breathe easily because COB is capable of doing a
Kia Toa in the dial's main game next week.

Clarke can breathe more easily after taking borax from his fellow soldiers
last week after losing to Linton Army in the final five minutes.

"They had big smiles on their faces but we've got Oroua next and then
Feilding so our road isn't as hard as Linton's," said Clarke.

Linton though did pick up a valuable bonus point at the army camp against
HSOB on Saturday but still has the now wobbly Feilding Old Boys and Te Kawau
to go.

'We have been building till now," said Clarke. "Last week we played 60
minutes instead of 80 but this win was most satisfactory.

The win made up for last week's disappointment: "At the end of the game
though I was having scary thoughts about it happening again."

Varsity coach Andrew McMaster has the challenge to get his team to play two
top games in a row after dousing a flummoxed and injury-hit FOB which looked
anything but a top-three side on the Oval. Varsity turned on sparkling,
champagne rugby to dance up the Jubilee Cup table into equal fourth with
Feilding - they clash next week.

Competition Tables
Click here for the full Senior One Points Table
Click here for the full Senior Two Points Table
Click here for the full Senior Three Points Table
Click here for the full Senior Four Points Table
Click here for the full Colts Premier Points Table
Click here for the full Women's Points Table

VARSITY 49 - Feilding OB 8

VARSITY was on top in all areas but the scrums where FOB got the occasional
shunt on. But once when FOB did ram Varsity's scrum, Varsity halfback
Michael Pettman took off and scored from 50 metres out through sheer pace.

FOB again showed it struggles against a team playing a game at pace, which
Varsity did in an impressive display. Fullback Cameron Drake, first-five
Nigel Keegan and Pettman showed why they were in the rep squad, Drake
running and burning off FOB defenders.

Varsity could easily have posted 60 points after leading 29-8 at halftime,
doing it in a canter. With FOB under-strength and looking in disarray, its
players couldn't keep pace with the students who got more confident with
every try. FOB fullback Peter Ingram, a student himself, ran and set up his
try via FOB's other good performer, prop Kenny Barrett. Little wing Matt
O'Hara ran hard but ran into harder tackles and lock Jamie Kireka was
sinbinned as Varsity was rucking on the FOB goal-line. Varsity scored with
ease from the subsequent scrum.

With Varsity rampant, even forwards coach Boof Nesdale got on for his
Varsity debut for the last scrum. Lock Mark Knofflock and flanker Blair
Robinson also had mobile games.

by Peter Lampp, Evening Standard, 29 May 2000, pg 14-15

Some other VARSITY results from the weekend
RAMS 31 - Bush 17
C-Men 44 - COB - 17 - 7 wins from 7 starts
Colts 24 - Kia Toa 8 - Colts go undeafted through First Round
Baa Baas 22 - HSOB Police 6 - Baa Baas are now top of the table in Snr IV's
Maidens 29 - Gladstone 10

Click for Full Team Results

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