Canada wins World Cup

Canada wins World Cup

Post by MCB from Vancouver Islan » Sat, 17 May 1997 04:00:00

OK, so it was in ice hockey but maybe some day in Rugby.  It was interesting to
watch the playing styles, the stereotypes and compare it to rugby.  The
Canadians are portrayed as neanderthal brutes, actually one sign in
Finland read "Brutes go home", I think most Canadian hockey fans would
take pride in that.  The Swedes and European teams in general are seen as
whining players, who play dirty when the ref isn't looking and take soccer
style dives when the ref is looking.  The Americans, larger neighbours, arch
rivals who occasionaly better the Canadians.  The Russians, proud and
stoic, have been through political upheaval and their performance has
become inconsistent.

In Rugby:

NZ best in the world, play a physical game, opponents complain about the
physical style of play, such as aggressive tackles.

Australia, larger neighbours and arch rivals.

France, reputation for skilled but dirty play, such as eye gouging.

South Africa, proud and stoic, but have been through political turmoil
and a bit inconsistent lately.

My 2 cents, and a chance to brag about Canada's hockey win while mentioning