Massey University RFC Newsletter 27 July 2000 - brought to you by TUI

Massey University RFC Newsletter 27 July 2000 - brought to you by TUI

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26 July 2000 - Senior One Finals Weekend and the last pool matches.

Varsity A's to play Oroua in the Val Holland Trophey Final.

The final game for the Varsity A's is this weekend in the Val Holland Trophy
Final against Oroua. The game is being held at the Palmerston North
Showgrounds on Saturday at 1pm.

To date this year in the two games that Varsity A have played Oroua, they
had a memorable 41 - all draw, and in the second match up on the 'high
veldt' at Kimbolton went down 35 - 19.

So get down to the Showgrounds and support the A's. Other finals games on at
the Showgrounds include Te Kawau vs Marist, and Feilding vs FOB.

Other key games this weekend include the Massey Rams to play HSOB, Varsity
C-Men to play the Manawatu Barbarians, COlts to play FOB and the K's to play

All these Massey Teams if they win their games should take the top spots for
the semi finals for their grades which will be held next week.

VARSITY 29 - Freyberg 0

In the semi-final for the Val Holland Tophey, Varsity beat Freyberg 29 - 0.
Varsity, which meets Oroua in the final, scored two tries in each half to
put away Freyberg in blustery conditions.

The Varsity defence was never really tested by Freyberg, who have completed
their third consecutive year ina row without posting a win in the Senior I

The Varsity forward effort was lead by Matthew Gilbert, who captained the
side from lock. Gilbert the younger brother of former Varsity greats Chris
and Andy, had by all accounts his best ever game in the Varsity Blue Jersey.

Also having strong games was Prop Matthew Burt, 1st Five Nigel Keegan with
two tries, and Micheal Pettman. Pettman in the last five minutes was
replaced at halfback by Prop Leith Brunning, which casued much hilarity and
incredulous looks from Micheal Pettman.

Some other VARSITY results from the weekend of the 22th
RAMS Bye - Play HSOB this weekend - need to win to go into Semi's
C-Men 104 - Oroua 0 - Huge Win - Play top of the table match this weekend
against Manawatu Barbarians. Must win to take top place for semis'
Colts 10  - HSOB 19 - *** - COlts will be wanting K's to knock over HSOB
this weekend.
K's 34 - Kia Toa 14 - Safely in the Semis with the Colts for the Colts
Premier Grade

Click for Full Team Results

Competition Tables
Click here for the full Senior One Points Table
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Click here for the full Senior Four Points Table
Click here for the full Colts Premier Points Table
Click here for the full Women's Points Table

Well this is getting some use by members of the Varsity Baa Baa's as they
are currently in a slanging match against their arch rivels from Feilding
Have a read, some of it is hilarious - and have your say.
Of course, it's totally uncensored and anything goes.

Varsity Coach McMaster pushing for change.

VARSITY rugby coach Andrew McMaster has come up with a novel format for
Manawatu club rugby.

He is suggesting a split in the first round, instead of the controversial
six-five split in this season's second round.

McMaster, also a former Te Kawau player-coach, would like to see the Town
and Country teams playing separate competitions in the opening round.

That would lead into a "fullblown" Town-Country rep match which would not
have the rep selectors involved but would have independent coaches and
selectors for each.

In recent years the match has become a virtual rep team trial but under his
format, the players would be going for it because they wouldn't have played
each other in club rugby.

"After that you could have a full round," says McMaster.

"It would be a good way to build as a stepping-stone to rep football.

"In unions like Otago and Canterbury, the Town-Country is treated as a big

McMaster can also see the loan-player situation getting out of hand where
unions bring in players solely for the NPC.

"Where you play your club rugby is where you should play your NPC," says

He said it could get to the stage where the second division final is between
Auckland A-Walkato B masquerading as Bay of Plenty versus Auckland
A-Wellington B (Hawke's Bay) and the third division final between South
Canterbury (Otago C) and Marlborough (Canterbury C).

If you bring in players, how do ours try and compete against them?"

Manawatu is looking for outside players now in the backs where McMaster's
Varsity men have been playing for the rep side.

Meanwhile, McMaster. admits he and forwards coach Gary "Boof" Nesdale have
been through a big learning curve with the student team this season.

"It's different from when I played for university clubs. We don't have the
experienced players."

They have virtually had an under-21 side built around front-rowers Mike
Wright and the injury-affected Leith Bruning and halfback Michael Pettman.

'We still should've made the top six comfortably," McMaster admits.

Losing three key players midfielders Aaron O'Neill and James Truman with
broken thumbs and rep flanker Blair Robinson - all within two weeks, hurt

Then it dipped out badly in the wet against Kia Toa and Feilding, despite
having beaten three of the semifinalists - High School Old Boys, Linton Army
and Feilding Old Boys.

If the club wants me to have a go next year I'll probably do it," says

"We made a lot of assumptions through the year and were probably wrong to do

"With a bunch of guys who are very talented and skilled we were possibly
trying to do too much,"

He expects to have 10 or 12 players back next season, but knows Varsity will
have to develop more strength up front.

McMaster. and Peter Kemp took Te Kawau to the final in 1994 for the first
time in 32 years, so it's not surprising he's backing the Real Blokes to win
the Hankins Shield again.

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