the world XV - wait... the BIGGEST XV in the world

the world XV - wait... the BIGGEST XV in the world

Post by Bryan R » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

ok... here's my shot at the World's Largest Team...

## NAME (Country)               HGT              WGT    
1    Joeli Veitayaki (FIJ)              187cm(6'2")   132kg(290lbs)

2    Ollie le Roux      (Natal)               183cm(6'0")122kg(270lbs)
3    Bill Cavubati (Fiji)               188cm(6'2")   135kg(295lbs)
4    Laurent Guntert (Montferrand)      208cm(6'10") 130kg(285lbs)
5    Norm Hadley (Bedford)      201cm(6'7")   130kg(285lbs)
6    Andrew Gibbs (Gloucester)  198cm(6'6")   135kg(295lbs)
7    Abdel Benazzi (Agen)               198cm(6'6")   111kg(245lbs)
8    Scott Quinnell (Richmond)  193cm(6'4")   122kg(270lbs)
9    Ofisa Tonu'u (Auckland)    178cm(5'10")   94kg(205lbs)
10  Gareth Rees (Wasps) 181cm(5'11") 100kg(220lbs)
11  Jonah Lomu (Auckland)       196cm(6'5")   120kg(265lbs)
12  Va'aiga Tuigamala (Newcastle)179cm(5'10")111kg(245lbs)
13  Norm Berryman (Canterbury)    180cm(5'11") 110kg(240lbs)
14  Dominic Feaunati (Wellington) 190cm(6'3")   116kg(255lbs)
15  Joe Roff (Canberra)          191cm(6'3")   100kg(220lbs)

Wait, let me explain before you go nuts. Yes, Ollie le Roux is a
specialist loosehead prop, but he has played and is capable of playing
***. Olivier Azam of Montferrand is 185(6'1") and 115(255), so he
would be my next pick there. Andrew Gibbs is a forward from New
Zealand who is normally a lock, but he doesn't fit too well there, so
he likes playing blindside or no.8. Mobility is obviously a question
mark there. Willie Ofahengaue played openside flanker in a couple
tests when Daniel Manu played blindside, and at 120kg(265lbs) he would
be the obvious choice at openside, I decided Benazzi was a more
conservative choice there. Warwick Waugh at 203cm(6'8") and
123kg(270lbs) was also there for blindside flank. At no.8, Scott
Quinnell's numbers might be a little off, but he is listed at 122kg.
He's probably closer to 18 stone, or 113kg(250lbs), seeing as his
brother Craig is listed at 120kg(265lbs) and he looks much bigger.
Tuigamala, Berryman, and Lomu have all reportadly lost about 10-15lbs
(5-7kg), but I used their previously listed weights here.
Lewis Capes, son of World's Strongest Man Geoff Capes, played for the
Leicester seconds at tighthead prop and second row, and he was
193cm(6'4") and 142kg(310lbs), and reportedly very mobile. He has not
played any first grade rugby yet, though, and is currently playing
football in the WLAF.
Sherko Haji-Rassouli played for the Ontario under16 provincial side
(in Canada) at the incredible size of 195cm(6'5") and 112kg(245lbs)
He has since grown to 198cm(6'6") and an incredible 147kg(320lbs),
while playing no.8 for the Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. high school
under 18's. (still under 18!!!) Plenty of power here, but,
predictably, little fitness. A prospect if about 40 pounds were shed
(he has a massive frame)

Other giant forwards to mention:
Martin Scelzo (Argentina)               190cm(6'3") 130kg(285lbs)
Os du Randt (Free State)                190cm(6'3") 130kg(285lbs)
Matthew Proudfoot (Melrose)     188cm(6'2") 130kg(285lbs)
Phil Vickery (Gloucester)               190cm(6'3") 128kg(280lbs)
Richard Metcalfe (Newcastlle)   215cm(7'1") 125kg(275lbs)
Richard West (Richmond) 208cm(6'10") 128kg(280lbs)
Simon Shaw (Wasps)              206cm(6'9") 126kg(275lbs)
German Llanes (ex-Bath)         201cm(6'7") 125kg(275lbs)
Olivier Merle (Montferrand)     198cm(6'6") 125kg(275lbs)

Other Giant Backs:
Emori Bolobolo (Stade-Francais) 197cm(6'5.5") 105kg(230lbs)
Jason Jones-Hughes (NSW)        192cm(6'3.5") 105kg(230lbs)
Tabai Matson (Brive)            194cm(6'4")    108kg(240lbs)
Drew Graham (Canada under19)  188cm(6'2")     107kg(235lbs)
Joeli Vidiri (Auckland)         190cm(6'3")    105kg(230lbs)
Henry Lugier (Brive)            198cm(6'6")    108kg(240lbs)
Kris Chesney (Bristol)          198cm(6'6")    108kg(240lbs)
Waisake Sotutu (Canterbury)     183cm(6'0")    105kg(230lbs)
Dorian Marshall (E.Province)    195cm(6'5")    105kg(230lbs)
Gareth Thomas (Cardiff)         190cm(6'3")    104kg(230lbs)
Mick Pechey (Bedford)           188cm(6'2")    109kg(240lbs)

Hey, Richard Tardits 188cm(6'2") and 112kg(245lbs), normally an
openside flanker for the US, even played at outside center against
Wales last year as a replacement! He scored at least one try, 2 I

Some neat stuff...

Bryan Ray


the world XV - wait... the BIGGEST XV in the world

Post by Booni » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>8    Scott Quinnell (Richmond) 193cm(6'4")   122kg(270lbs)

Go on Tubby, put both feet on the scales......

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the world XV - wait... the BIGGEST XV in the world

Post by Ferd » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

<<>ok... here's my shot at the World's Largest Team...>>

Hit the ***ers with g*** kicks and see them squirm.....