All Blacks Fitzpatrick to blame

All Blacks Fitzpatrick to blame

Post by cossa.. » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>I'm just asking myself if The All Blacks is the "Word Champs" like some
>down under folks believe, was it food poison again?

Once again the All Blacks did not alter their tactics in the
face of an opposition style which stifled the New Zealand

Good on France for playing to their strengths, even if they
were helped by refereeing which allowed them more latitude
than the laws permit.

A good team with a good leader would have adjusted their
style and overcome the French tactics. The fact that they
didn't can onlt be blamed on one person and that is the on
field leader. In other words the captain, Sean Fitzpatrick.

The ABs have made this mistake so often now, but I never
recall any criticism of Fitzpatrick.