Small Observation re: Saturdays Game

Small Observation re: Saturdays Game

Post by MRobert1 » Tue, 04 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I realise this has been done to death on this N/G already but thought I would
put my two cents in anyway.

After having watched the game with some Kiwi mates (having this week, the good
fortune not to be worried about the result) I felt that the lack of confidence
which personified the difference between this AB side and the side of the last
two years was summed up very clearly in one move down the right wing.

With Wilson taking the ball down the wing,Cullen beside him in support, think
it was a two on three situation, I would have backed one of them to score last
year. This time....well you all saw the game.

Even your proven match winners seem to have lost that confident edge which put
them into the comfortable "patience,lads, we know we are going to score / win
this game, patience" catagory last year. Seems winning is a habit easily lost,
whilst losing is one thats hard to shake.

Anyway well played Oz, great game of rugby to watch as an impartial supporter
(well, till we see you in SA in a fortnight). Think all supporters in SA and Oz
should remember too that: one (even 2 or 3) swallow does not make a summer. Ask
anyone living in england this year.

Exile in a cold grey place