David Tua named in All Black side to tour South Africa!!!

David Tua named in All Black side to tour South Africa!!!

Post by Gregory Edwar » Mon, 05 Aug 1996 04:00:00

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-> Subject: David Tua named in All Black side to tour South Africa!!!
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-> From todays New Zealand Herald (July 31),

-> "The New Zealand Rugby Football Union has caused a stir by naming top New
-> Zealand boxer, David Tua, who is ranked in the worlds top 20 heavyweights, as a
-> late inclusion into the team that is currently touring South Africa.

-> Tua commented today from his Los Angeles home "I am ready for these guys.  I
-> have never palyed rugby before but I've always watched the All Blacks play and
-> you can learn a lot from watching TV".

-> Luis Luyt could not be contacted for comment but it is understood that he is
-> fuming at the All Blacks retalliation to the SRFUs' recent inclusion of a
-> convicted ***er into their squad to play the All Blacks.

-> The NZRFU has suggested that Tua will play at prop alongside Sean Fitzpatrick
-> who has recently been a target for extra attention from the opposition.  At
-> last nights press conference All Black coach John Hart said "although David has
-> never played rugby before, he makes up for it in other areas" hinting at the
-> possible use of David a.k.a The Terminator Tua to 'terminate' the opposition.
-> Hart wryly added that Tuas physique was suited to that of a prop.

-> Ok, so the above is absolute rubbish.  But what on earth must we do to clean up
-> the diabolical professional fouls, cheating, fighting and general unacceptable
-> behaviour that has plagued the Tri-nations series to far?

-> The only solution is to adopt a similar stance to such actions as that which
-> the Australian Rugby League has taken.  Players who constantly infringe, peform
-> professional fouls and dangerous head high tackles are eirther sin-binned or
-> sent off.  No second chances!

-> Open your eyes rugby admininstrators.  THIS IS ONE ARE WHERE YOU CAN LEARN FROM

-> Regards,
-> Paul Owen

the 'TERMINATOR" would be no good in south africa, unlike all the chumps
tua has fought since the barcelona olympics, the springboks might be
able to hit back.