NZ Fantasy Rugby

NZ Fantasy Rugby

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Enter a fantasy rugby competition based on the NZ NPC first division.
To find out more check out Unreal Sports

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<title>Unreal Sports</title>
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<h3>Welcome to the Home Page of  UNREAL SPORTS.<BR>
The Home of New Zealand Sports Competitions.
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<h4>It is the aim of Unreal Sports to run Sports Competitions, with cash prizes, these competitions will cover a number of different sports.<BR>
<A HREF="#current">Current Competitions</A><BR>
<A HREF="#future">Future Competitions</A><BR>
<A HREF="survey.htm">Questionaire</A> Now you are here please take 2 minutes to complete our short questionaire.<BR>
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<center><U>Current Competitions</U></CENTER>
<P><A HREF = "rugby.htm"> Unreal Rugby. </A> A fantasy rugby competition, based on the NPC first division, where you select your own first division squad and control its fortunes through the first division season. <A HREF = "rugby.htm"> Click for details </A>
<BR><CENTER><BLINK>Get your entries in, first round starts August 15</BLINK></CENTER>
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<center><U>Future Competitions</U></center>
<P>Future competitions will hopefully involve Cricket(NZ)and Rugby League (Australian), with the possibility of Soccer, Motor racing and Horse racing.
<P><U>Current Idea's</U>
<BR>Tipping and/or Fantasy Cricket based on the Shell Cup & Trophy.
<BR>Tipping and/or Fantasy League based on 1998 Aussie League
<BR>Tipping Competition based on Greyhound & Horse Racing in NZ.
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NZ Fantasy Rugby

Post by rick boy » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00


> Enter a fantasy rugby competition based on the NZ NPC first division.
> To find out more check out Unreal Sports

Go down to your local rugby club, play or support some real rugby, get
involved and do some good in the real world at the grass roots of rugby.
Keep the game strong and enjoy the company of people doing the same

- Rick Boyd