Well played Wales

Well played Wales

Post by caspar milquetoas » Mon, 25 Mar 2013 11:16:02


> Men and boys stuff. Wales have got progressively better. England have got worse. Wales have been clinical when they've had opportunities and smart where England have not. England have no idea how to play Walsh, which hasn't helped, and a sign of their immaturity and what they need to do to actually win a Grand Slam.

> The scoreline is flattering but no question who the better side is by some margin. Warburton and Tipuric have been incredible but the whole team have been exceptional.

Really enjoyed this game. A great, positive effort from the Taffs with a couple of excellent tries from broken play and excellent goal kicking. Disappointing from the poms, who showed none of the enterprise they did against the All Blacks and seemed content to fall back on a very solid defence that was impenetrable from phase ball and only opened up in turnovers and counter-attacks.

Ref Walsh had one of his better games, I thought, apart from some ludicrous show-boating around the scrums at the start of the second spell. The scrums were a bit of a problem and I see elsewhere someone is claiming the Taffs dropped some deliberately to sucker the ref into penalising England, but really the scrums are often a complete lottery. There are so many vectors at works, pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering,  screwing, whatever, and I have severe doubts that even the people in the scrums know what really is the key factor that contributes to a collapsed scrum. All the ref can hope for is dish out a few penalties and hope it encourages both sides to stabilise.

I hope the Lions bring plenty of this positive, attacking rugby  to Australia -- we should be in for some top games. I have booked my seat to see the Western Farce chewed up and spat out, and the way these no-hopers are playing at present, I'll be cheering for the Lions.