RS Auck vs N Harbour

RS Auck vs N Harbour

Post by Mike Tann » Sun, 13 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Auck 69 (10 tries to Spencer 2, ZZ, Lima 3, Kerr 3, Cashmore, Cashmore 8
conv 1 pen ) NH 27 (tries to Robinson, Rush and Burton, Burton 3 conv 2 pen)

1 min Stensness came close to scoring but pen for double movement.

4 min Blowers unable to pick up bouncing ball 25m out with line wide open

6 min NH pen for collapsing scrum on own 22 right in front (????) Cashmore
easy kick 3-0.

10 min Auck flankers detached early, Burton equalised 3-3.

18 min Burton puts kick into corner. From l-o NH win series rucks for hb
Robinson to wriggle over 10-3.

20 min A hit staright back from kickoff - Ball out wide to Cashmore to get
around defence up right wing - from ruck ball out to left where Fitz lurking
- takes it up to a couple of rucks under posts - ball out to Spencer who
threw one of his phantom passes to himself and scored under posts 10-10.

22 min A again swarms upfield but Spencer missed dg attempt.

26 min Burton missed pen fromm 22 but A knock on from the resulting drop out
and Woods gets to within 5m of line but pushed out.

32 min A scrum then tap pen on NH 22, Spencer chipped in behind, NH knock
on, A scrum 15m out destroys NH and ZZ gets his 93rd try for A 17-10.

35 min NH kicked thru into A 22 then won pen Craig Dowd sinbinned 17-13.

38 min but again A hit straight back, regaining possession from kickoff,
Kerr up right wing, then from ruck Stensness beautiful chip kick which Lima
grabbed at knee level and thru Osborne to score wide out 24-13.

40 min from kick off, NH attack stopped by big tackle from Michael Jones. A
wheeled the resulting scrum on own 22, ZZ and Blowers burst upfield, pass to
Stensness on hw. He immediately kicked downfield and Lima outpaced defence
to score in same spot 31-13.

A scored 14 points with only 14 men.

Only 5 lineouts in first half - that's how much both sides ran instead of

3 min A won Nh lineout, Clarke again got thru Bunce, but Cashmore pushed
into touch 5m out. A again won NH throw, ball out across backs with 2 big
cutout passes which could have gone astray but Cashmore skilful tap on to
Kerr who outran Rush to score in corner 38-13.

14 min A remorseless pressure finally Spencer runs across field and flicks
clever reverse pass to Lima who danced trhu from 30m out to score under
posts 45-13.

16 min A running ball from in own 22 Cashmore big break upfield Spencer
finished off under posts (ignoring ref Paddy O'Brien calling for the pass!)

18 min from kickoff again running from 22, Eroni Clarke half break,
Stensness fed back inside to Kerr running up left touch then round under
posts 59-13.

23 min kickoff not 10m, scrum then A lineout on NH 22 series of mauls then
Robin Brooke burst clear fed Spencer then Kerr another try Cashmore finally
missed with his 10th kick 64-13.

26 min NH brief flurry but concede pen for backchat Jones and Blowers burts
upfield - Cashmore at speed all way down touchline to score in corner 69-13

29 min NH scrum on 10m Kerr dragged in to give Rush room to get in in the
corner 69-20.

33 min A won tighthead Lima kicked thru to 5m out A get pen ZZ over from tap
but O'Brien on wrong side and didn't see.

40 min Burton over from tap pen 69-27.