The future of

The future of

Post by Mike Am » Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:00


>>I'm trying to get a Welsh rugby group. I thought it might
>>be useful for people who intended coming to the World
>>Cup in 1999. At my present rate of progress I expect to
>>have one by 2099.

>Jesting apart, we came to the conclusion that the Internet rugby
>community should have a say in how the game is run. We are now
>pushing to get a representative elected on the SARFU executive.

>We've already got the backing of both Louis Luyt and Steve
>Tswete (by promising support for both their political parties in
>the upcoming elections!). We are sure to succeed.

>Once the precedent is set, we'll push for the other rugby nations
>to follow suit. I can see us controlling the IRB within 18 months.
>("Will the hon. member for Western Australia please shut up!")

The Rt.Hon.Member for Perth is tjoepstil (silent) for one reason only.
He is currently engaged in a political campaign to bring Super 12
rugby to West Australia in the shortest possible time.

Taking a leaf out of the Bristol/London Scottish book, he and his
anonymous partner recently floated a company called the Rotnest
Drongo's, which promptly made a reverse takeover bid for the
Durban-based Super12 franchise known as the Sharks.

Details of the bid leaked to the international press, include plans
to erect a 100 000 seat stadium on Rotnest Island. In deference
to local sentiment it will be named the Louis Luyt Japiedome.

Included in the deal is a generous offer of 100 acres of West
Australian desert to all Natal Sharks supporters, who will be
settled en bloc on smallholdings east of the city of Perth to head
off hordes of flies said to advancing on the city from the east.

Having previously been involved in a very similar sort of project on
behalf of Queen Victoria's administration, the Banana Boys are said
to be not too e***d about their new location but really chuffed
about their free season tickets to the Japiedome.(one seaon only)

Further denials to follow shortly.