Bledisloe cup in Melbourne- 1997.

Bledisloe cup in Melbourne- 1997.

Post by Wayne Hodgso » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Fellow Rugby Lovers,
This is a short note to tell the world that doesn't already know that
the only Bledisloe Cup match between Australia and New Zealand to be
played in Australia will be played at the greatest stadium in the world,
the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Victoria. Expected crowd may
well break the world record for a rugby union test with more than 80,000
attending. Date for the match is the 26th July 1997. Kick off will be
approx. 7.30pm. The stadium holds close to 100,000 so don't miss out get
in early and book plane tickets and accomodation now.
Richard Booth.
Monash University Rugby Union Club, Melbourne, Australia.


Bledisloe cup in Melbourne- 1997.

Post by Shay Fitzpatric » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi Richard,

Apologies for sending private email but when I saw rugby and
Melbourne I had to jump!

I've been here in Melbourne for a month and will be here for
another 4/5 months. I know the season has ended but I'm wondering
do the local clubs do anything over the summer months?

I'm staying in North Melbourne so I was also wondering what's the
nearest club to me?

Any hints/advice most welcome.

That's all for now,