Looking for a rugby club / player / coach / physio / other ?

Looking for a rugby club / player / coach / physio / other ?

Post by Gareth John Gang » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 21:05:55


If you are looking for a rugby club, player, coach or physio then I may have
a website that could be of use to you. It's called RugbyResource.co.uk and
is aimed at helping clubs, players, coaches, physios etc get in touch with
each other. The site is completely free (paid by a single site sponsor) so
you can browse around the profiles already listed or add your profile at no
cost. It covers the whole world and already there are over 150 profiles
(primarily made up of clubs and players at present) listed on there from all
over Europe, the Southern Hemisphere, North America and Asia. The site had
over 2100 visitors last month and this figure is increasing month in month
out. So, please spend just five minutes of your time taking a look and if
you think it is going to be of use to you, please add your profile to it or
at least make sure you pop back regularly! If you know anyone else who may
find this site useful, please let them know.

Regards & Best Wishes,
Gareth John Gange

web:   http://www.rugbyresource.co.uk