Tests in Le Castellet last week

Tests in Le Castellet last week

Post by Stefanie Fuenfrock » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00


Motor Sport aktuell reported:
The weather was better in Le Castellet than in the week ago.

Ligier is very confident with the new Ligier-Mugen JS 43. Olivier Panis  
drove 80 laps (complete race distance) without problems. His best lap
time: 1:08,93. Ligier drove in all c. 1000 km without great problems.

Barrichello was driven  a complete race distance without worth mentioning  
problems. His best lap time: 1:07,95. After that he was getting in trouble  
because of suspension flaw (right term?). He could drive 103 laps in all.

Schumacher and Irvine could drove only 305 km in all. Ferrari has had  
problems with the engine electronics. Schumacher was spinning two times
(Saturday and Sunday). In spite of that was his best lap time 1:07,60.
Schumacher looks now forward to the tests into the new car.
The Ferrari presentation is probably on 16 February