F1 Prize Money?

F1 Prize Money?

Post by ww.. » Sat, 05 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have been an avid fan of formula one racing since
1992 but have so far been unable to find out from
anyone whether or not the winning driver of any given
race receives prize money.  In IndyCar Racing prize
money is up for grabs and much is made of this fact.

A Driver in Formula One (in the top teams anyway)
gets a substantial salary and sponsorhip money but
is there a cash prize that goes with the loving

I am a great fan of David Coulthard but I sure took
exception to Jonathan Palmer's statement that David
would have done better than JV if he had kept his seat
at Williams this year.  Come on, JV has made the best
debut in terms of race wins since 1950.  David is a
fine driver but who can forget that off driving into
the pits.  Frank Williams obviously didn't.  

One more race to go and as a Canadian I am obviously
pulling for JV.  In any event, congratulations to
Damon Hill for a fine season regardless of the outcome
at Suzuka.  I sure hate to see him leave Williams and
don't see what all the fuss is about regarding
Frentzen.  My humble prediction is that he does a
pratfall next year and JV wins the championship.

Robert Anderson