FIA stands trial V (and strikes back)

FIA stands trial V (and strikes back)

Post by Thomas Gmu » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

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European Truck Racing Cup

A district court in Frankfurt, Germany, has issued an interim decision
requiring the FIA not to make any claim to the television or film rights
to the FIA European Truck Racing Cup. The FIA has been advised that, in
consequence of this decision, it should cancel the 1997 FIA European
Truck Racing Cup and make it clear that truck racing events no longer
form part of any international series recognised by the FIA. The
organisers and/or promoters of each truck race are therefore free to
deal with television rights in any manner they think appropriate.

The FIA is in the process of implementing this advice.

The FIA is confident that when all the facts are made available the
matter will be resolved in its favour.

Paris, 4 June 1997