Thoughts on Brazilian qualifying ( maybe a SPOILER or two in there)

Thoughts on Brazilian qualifying ( maybe a SPOILER or two in there)

Post by Andrew Watso » Sun, 30 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Well blow me !

There I was thinking that the Interlagos track,which  is bumpier and has
more changes of elevation than Melbourne, would show a bigger difference in
the  have and have-nots in the engine and chassis departments   ....

... and it didn't !

Qualifying times were closer, I would have bet on a bigger difference.
Maybe it's a function of track altitude or length or something.

Herbert has now been overtaken by Panis as the quick joker in the pack of
Williams, Ferraris etc etc.

Arrows testing seems to have done them some good with a far better
performance from both drivers, Damon more upbeat in the post session
interview with Selina Scott for ITV, stating he might be able to see the
lights this time at the start  ( this is why JV has to qualify on the front
of the grid, if he doesn't,  he's so short sighted he's stuffed ! ).

Now, if only TWR can get Mugen Honda for 1998 instead of Yamaha  .. maybe
hiring the groom to be of the daughter of  Mugen San  instead of old meat
and two veg. Dinez  ( got to  get the Dinner's joke in there somewhere )
then it  looks like they'll have a good team for 1998.

Coulthard and Hakkakkakanken ( my dog used to have that before 3 months
treatment with some drops cleared it up ) also swapped positons  with Mikka
right up there ;  David not seemingly having much chance of playing  "
Scotland the Brave ", " Remeber Bannockburn "  or  " Get your theiving
Sassanach Paws off our Oil" as his national anthem tomorow.

Schumacher was again superb in qualifying. Not content with doing  one of
the nicest controlled four wheel drifts it has been my pleaseure to lay my
peepers on in 10 years in F1  in Melbourne, he now decides to drive the
bumps in Brazil with the back end of the car 3 foot left and right in quick
succession from the direction the front ones are going in  ...  sweet.

This guy has to have the most talent in the world ... Ever ! As the albums

Can you believe it   ????  ..  my wife walks into the bedroom just wearing
a black  thong and  Wonderbra just before Fizzy went off the track. Boy,
did my portable TV picture go blurry ..  I couldn't see ***.  By the time
qualifying had finished she'd disappeared again  ... ***.


PS Anyone see Extreme Machines on Discovery channel  last week  with Criag
Breedlove ???  Did you see him get the back end out of line ( way out of
line !!) and then recover   ...  at 350  mph !  Yowser !  Mind you, anyone
who's in the Guiness Book of Records for leaving  the longest skid marks
ever  ( 6 miles long ) and then hitting a telegraph pole at 400mph, cutting
it in half, before popping it into a salt pond  .. is a hero !  

I hope he beats the English challenger   Thrust  SSC.  Anything that ugly
doesn't deserve to win  ..   Craig's car is sex on wheels, ignoring those
rather daft rear wheel covers.