Massa: Villeneuve's political games won't work at Sauber

Massa: Villeneuve's political games won't work at Sauber

Post by oce » Sun, 28 Nov 2004 00:57:35

It is going to be an important year for Felipe Massa. The Brazilian
driver will get company in his third season with Sauber from Jacques
Villeneuve. The former world champion has not always been positive
about young drivers in F1 without much experience, but that does not
bother Massa. "I am not young anymore!"

"I am looking forward to work with Jacques," he told "I
think I can learn from him. We do not have to be best friends; as long
as we can work together it is fine. It is special to have a former
world champion as your team mate. If I beat him, everybody knows I can
be faster then a world champion."

Villeneuve had some criticism in the past about inexperienced drivers.
"But I am not young anymore! I am getting older and more experience. I
know the stories about him playing political games with his team
mates, but I do not really believe in that. And I surely do not think
that would work out at Sauber. This is a very fair team. The drivers
always had the same chance and I am sure that will be same in the
future. I hope we can work together, to make the team better."

Sauber changed the Bridgestone tyres for Michelins and tested this
week for the first time with the new ***. "It is going well. We
have changed the set up a bit, but it does not affect your driving
style. I am very pleased with the work we have done. Now we can go on
with the development process," Massa concluded.