Verstappen:unluckiest driver in Monza

Verstappen:unluckiest driver in Monza

Post by G.W. WIJNST » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 20:01:00

Nobody in this group seems to know what happened to Jos Verstappen.
That's why I am going to tell you.In the first qualifying session he had
troubles with his gearbox,but still managed to drive into 14th place.
Sunday he felt the car was perfect he got the 6th time very quickly but he
could have been faster in that lap because he was held up by Brabham.
When he went for his next laps he drove over a camera  which was on board by
Gianni Morbidelli,by the first time check he was only 0.289 sec.behind Alesi
so that could have been an improvement,but the camero created a big hole in
his chassis so the rest of the session was lost because the mechanics had
to repair.He told on Dutch TV that he wanted to be very careful in the first
chicanes because usually a lot of cars crash there,and what a start he had:
He moved up from 10th to 5th after avoiding the troubles in the first
chicanes.But there was a restart as you all will know.His second start was
a decent one as well,but Zanardi hit his car in the 2nd chicanes which
resulted in a blown tire.Zanardi should be suspended for this action,Jos
was out of the race because of an Italian who wanted to do too well.

In Brazil Irvine hit him when he was in 6th position,then he made some
mistakes of his own,but the Pitfire when he was surely on his way to
points was again bad luck,because he was finally happy with his cars setup,
he definitely doesn't like Schumi's setup,but the Benetton team wouldn't listen
in the beginning,but when they did the results were very good,a 3rd place in
Hungary and Belgium,and if it wasn't for all this bad luck in Monza I am sure
he would have gotten some points.You still cannot forget that he is a rookie
and there are some circuits that he never raced on before.By the way:I think
he will win races in the future and he might even become better than Schumi:
From what I've heard Michael was always behind Jos in the cart-races.......


Verstappen:unluckiest driver in Monza

Post by Brendan McFarla » Sat, 17 Sep 1994 01:05:00

What about Herbert and Alesi......?

I'd say they had more than their fair share of ill fortune at Monza.

Jos did not have a monopoly.

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