Eddie Irvine Killed Lotus!

Eddie Irvine Killed Lotus!

Post by Dred » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00

> I remember in 1994 at the Italian GP that Eddie Irvine did one of his
> famous starts and managed to take out Johnny Herbert in the Lotus at the
> first chicane.  Herbert had qualified 4th in the new Lotus chassis which
> was a major improvement over the previous one they had been using all
> year.

> Johnny was forced to restart in the old car and from what I remember had
> a pretty dismal race.  Had he been able to get past the first start
> without being shoved up the backside maybe he would have gone on to get
> at least a podium position and maybe Lotus would have not had to close
> shop at the end of 1994.

I had also heard that Eddie Irvine is responsible for the JFK Assasination
(There was apparently an orange helmeted guy on the grassy knoll). On top
of that he is also responsible for world famine, global warming and the
current Mir space station problems as well.

If Sauber goes bust will it be Irvine's fault as well since he took Herbert
off at the 97 Melbourne GP with Villeneuve?

I also suppose Irvine was responsible for the years of mis-management and
the debts as well!

He isn't the greatest of drivers, but being resposible for the lotus
bankruptcy is taking things a little too far