Testing! Testing!

Testing! Testing!

Post by Christine Johnst » Thu, 27 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Yes, next week we actually have *cars on a circuit*.  So if you can drag
yourselves away from sending nazi sex gifs to MJF, next week should
bring us...

Williams, McLaren and Benetton at Barcelona.  JV and HHF will each drive
for 3 days.  MH and DC for four days each.  Wurz for the entire test and
Fisi for the first two and a half days.

Ferrari will be at Fiorano until the 98 car is launched (now expected
Jan 6 or 7).  Jordan will be at Silverstone next week with the new Mugen
Honda before going to Barcelona the week after. (Anybody got any news
about Prost and the Peugeot?  Are they moving as fast as Jordan?)  SGP's
only test of the rest of this year will be Dec 16 - 19 at Barcelona.

Signs aren't good for a Kyalami test - McLaren and Jordan look set to
veto it as they don't think they'll be ready enough to justify all that


Testing! Testing!

Post by Rui Pedro Mendes Salguei » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00


> Williams, McLaren and Benetton at Barcelona.

The Portuguese Autosport wrote this weeks that Williams will test at
the Paul Ricard (3rd week of December). The same was also written by
Auto-Hebdo who received the info from the Ricard adminstration (they
publish the calendar of testing and other events at the circuit. BTW,
the test of the Le Mans (?) Williams-BWM is also already scheduled
(February IIRC)).

Benetton will shakedown the B198 in Silverstone just before Christmas.
Don't get e***d, because that test will be behind close doors.

> Signs aren't good for a Kyalami test - McLaren and Jordan look set to
> veto it as they don't think they'll be ready enough to justify all that
> expense.  

According to the Pt. Autosport that test will not happen. It was not
possible to find a date acceptable for all the teams. In January some
teams would not be ready. In February it would prevent the last minute
tests before the season start.

You will have noticed that no one plans to test at Estoril. At this
moment the track is destroyed. The works to "improve" it (meaning,
removing all the fast curves), were started but the way in which the
financing was done was simply illegal (so said the court which is in
charge of approving all government spending). So the contractors were
not paid and they haven't really worked for some time (although there
were some activity there). So at this point there are part of the
tracks not surfaced, etc...

Another problem is that the Minister who made the deal with Mosley
has left the government this weekend. His successor might well decide
that it is not worth the expense (about $9 million already spent (but
not paid) and another $9 million to rebuild boxes, etc...). If that
happens the consequences will be:

 - Portugal loses the GP
 - somebody will have to pay those $9 million (the contractors did the
 work) and I strongly suspect it will be the tax payers.
 - Portugal loses one of the only 2 permanent circuits we have.

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