Murray Walker on BBC Radio 1 (trivia)

Murray Walker on BBC Radio 1 (trivia)

Post by Helen Gera » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

The week hit a motormouthed climax with Chris Evans' morning call to Murray
Walker. ('We're not worthy! We're not worthy!')

Like everyone else this week, Murray has been stopped for speeding, once on a
bike and once doing 40mph in a car in a 30mph zone. The policeman apparently
said 'the boys at the station will never believe this!'.

It seems that you risk life and limb if you share the commentary box with
Murray, as he gets so e***d he jumps up and down and rushes about. He said
that motor racing is one of the most exciting sports around, and he is
passionate about it, so who can blame him for getting e***d? (Quite right

He mentioned the 'kiss of death' and so wouldn't be drawn too heavily on
predictions for the weekend, but rates only Hill and Coulthard of the Brits as
having a chance.

Only 2 out of 5 on the 'real world' test, but to be fair I've never heard of
Vanessa May either, and I thought the Rolling Stones had finished deafening
Wembley earlier in the week. Maybe I'm just a personality as well..  :-)

Murray Walker is 72.


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