Eddie Irvine in Galway + RTE

Eddie Irvine in Galway + RTE

Post by N Madde » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Because most people in Ireland watched ITV rather than RTE, you might
have missed the ad for F1 Carting in Galway. They offically open on the
14th and EI will be there to do the honours.

BTW: RTE's coverage was rather good this week. They went for a one stop
strategy which they took just before the restart (almost
Shumacheresque), the went the whole way to the flag without a break.
Unfortunatly, though they missed the press conference.

Throughout the raced they refained from making dumb comments as much as
possible except for when they started taking about Gaelic football. On
another occasion David, commenting on the on-going EI/JV war of words
said that they just must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed on
the same morning. Then added "I hope it wasn't the same bed...". Thats
almost worthy of an dumb RASF1 thread (e.g., RE: Irvine, Villey gay!!!).


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