F1 Trivia: 10 Race winners

F1 Trivia: 10 Race winners

Post by Ross Taylor,Peyt312,6652,26554 » Wed, 19 Apr 1995 04:00:00

F1 Trivia

It's time for another in my (now very) occasional series of F1 trivia

Here is a list of some of the very best ever to drive a Formula
1 car.

Prost, Alain          
Senna, Ayrton        
Mansell, Nigel *
Stewart, Jackie      
Clark, Jim            
Lauda, Nicki          
Fangio, Juan Manuel  
Piquet, Nelson        
Moss, Stirling        
Brabham, Jack        
Hill, Graham          
Fittipaldi, Emerson  
Ascari, Alberto      
Reutemann, Carlos    
Jones, Alan          
Andretti, Mario
Schumacher, Michael *    
Scheckter, Jody      
Hunt, James          
Peterson, Ronnie      
Hill, Damon *

* = active (presumably)

No, it's not my personal ranking of the best. This is, of
course, the list of drivers who have won 10 or more races and
its most recent member is Damon Hill. The drivers are listed in
order of number of wins.

Most of these people managed to secure at least one world
championship. The exceptions are Moss (who did not value the
title all that much), Reutemann (who should have won what became
Piquet's first), Peterson (who died before he had a real
chance), and D. Hill (who may, perhaps, win it this year).

Some of these drivers have demonstrated that it takes more than
winning to be a champion; you also have to secure points when
you don't win. The best exponent of this was Fangio, who, in
addition to an astonishing winning percentage of over 47%
(Ascari's is 41.9) also had a quite remarkable top 6 % of just
over 80.  In other words, Fangio failed to
score points only once in every 5 races!  Nobody else has a top
6% of over 70% but we should not expect that.

So, the trivia questions are as follows:

In all cases except one the answer must be selected from the
above list of drivers.

1. Who has the most top 6 finishes ?

2. Who has the second most top 6 finishes ?

3. Who has the second best top 6 % ?

4. Who has the third best top 6 % ?

5. Who has the lowest winning % ?

6. Who will be the next member of the 10 win club ?

Please refrain from posting answers to the net. I'll post the
answers myself in a day or so along with an announcement of the

History suggests that the first responses will start coming into
my mailbox within 30 minutes or so of this being sent out (9:23 AM).
Let's see who is first this time.

Ross Taylor

PS: Tell me if you answer from memory.


F1 Trivia: 10 Race winners

Post by Brendan McFarla » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

> 1. Who has the most top 6 finishes ?

As you were asking "from memory", I don't know, but Carlos Reutemann had  
the most consecutive top 6 finishes, an increadible 17 in a Williams FW07.

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F1 Trivia: 10 Race winners

Post by Keith C » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

"Best" isn't just multi winners.    Chris Amon was probably the
best with no wins.  Piers Courage - stopped short.    

But Jacky Ickx was as good an F1 driver as any I've ever seen..
an absolute master of car control