Greatest Pics Plus Schumacher Joke

Greatest Pics Plus Schumacher Joke

Post by dkipl.. » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 06:11:41

Great photo # 1:  An overhead shot of Graham Hill and Jim Clark at
Monza, dfifting through a fast bend, with their wheels (wheelbases)
interlocked:  Hill's rh front, Clark's lh front, Hill's rh rear, Clark's
lh rear, all in line!  Hill later said you can do that when you really
trust the other guy.

Great shot # 2:  A video shot of Mansell on an oval, probably Indy,
doing a lightning-fast "interlock" like that, for the purpose of a
three-wide pass, with Nigel in the middle.  He ducked into the outside
car's wheelbase just long enough for both to pass the inside guy. At 200

Joke:   So, Schumacher tries to get into a club but the bouncer says NO
TIE, NO ENTRANCE, GO GETTA TIE.  Schumi digs through his car, and finds
nothing but a set of fancy new jumper cables.  Desperate to get in the
club, he ties the jumper cables round his neck, and approaches the
bouncer again.  "CAN I COME IN?"  "Okay, but don't start anything...".

Ya don't like it, ya tell a better one.

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