Berger to set up GP team?

Berger to set up GP team?

Post by DC » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 04:23:19

      LONDON, Jan 26 (ITV) - Gerhard Berger has revealed he is
considering setting up his own grand prix team when the new low-cost
Formula 1 regulations take effect in 2008.
      The Austrian, a veteran of 10 GP victories, has plenty of
experience both as a driver and entrant having also overseen BMW's
return to the sport in 2000.
      "Of course there is nothing coming up immediately," Berger told
this week's Autosport magazine.
      "In the current situation, only car manufacturers or companies
like Red Bull can afford F1. But if the costs are brought down, it
would be worth thinking about it.
      "But this can only happen for 2008."
      Speculation has surrounded Berger's return to the sport since he
quit his post as BMW's motorsport director in the spring of 2004.
      Most recently he had been linked to Red Bull's junior team
Scuderia Toro Rosso through his connections with drinks magnate
Dietrich Mateschitz.
      F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone admitted that Berger is one of a
bunch of teams entering after 2007. [Top class reportage there, eh?]
      "There is Roger Penske, there is David Richards and there is
Gerhard Berger," he said.

Berger to set up GP team?

Post by David Melvill » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 09:44:34

> . . . the new low-cost
> Formula 1 regulations . . . .


Dave (busting for twenty bucks)


Berger to set up GP team?

Post by CatharticF » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 15:38:08

I like Gerhard - straightforward, obviously popular. It would be great
to see him involved at the top level again.


"What you thought was freedom is just greed."


Berger to set up GP team?

Post by Bugbear.197 » Sat, 28 Jan 2006 18:00:28

Agreed, it would be good to see Gerhard back in the F1 news again,
however, if he hasn't even stumped up the F1 bond money ($48M?) and is
already commenting on high costs, then I'm afraid that his team will be
relegated to the bottom ranks from day one.

Still, if I had a lazy couple of hundred million lying around, it could
be 'fun' to set up a team and pretend to be a serious racer /
manager... :-)