having a famous last

having a famous last

Post by DOUG FIN » Tue, 15 Aug 1995 04:00:00

 -=> Quoting Eliot to All <=-

 El> i am not too impressed with his current handling of the situation.
 El> do you see damon hill act the same way or for that matter michael
 El> andretti?  JFK jr has to put up with an even crazier tabloid press
 El> yet you never ever hear him bad mouth his father or try to distance
 El> himself from him..  all these people know and accept the full brunt
 El> of being son of somebody famous and IMHO are handling it better
 El> than JV is.

   I think that you may have mis-understood JV's comments regarding
Gilles.  I didn't get any kind of negative connotation from it at all,
rather a man like Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr., and just about any
famous racer offspring.  While they may very well and should be proud
of their fathers' accomplishments, they also know they have to stand
on their own two feet and want to be judged as their own person, not
as so-and-so's son.  I left Damon out of this, because I haven't heard
half the hype about him that I have over Jacques and Michael.

 El> i really like GV and JV as drivers and wish that there was a better
 El> way that JV could walk the tight rope of establishing himself as
 El> well as honoring his father whose achievements undoubtedly helped
 El> open doors to his meteoric rise to superstardom.  i don't think
 El> that the two are mutually exclusive.

   Relax, his chance to do just that will come when he steps into an
F1 car for real and we all can see him on his own merits.

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