Setups for 98 (Was 1998 Cars)

Setups for 98 (Was 1998 Cars)

Post by Alan Paterso » Tue, 21 Oct 1997 04:00:00

From the broadcasts I've heard, they are basing their "standards" on making
the car's slower. There's definately two sides to this arguement, 1 being,
the cutting edge of technology etc, the other being that it has become a
prosession with only a couple of teams that have the major sponsor's
backing them, performing better than others.

From what I've heard, the car's are to be 20cm narrower.
there will be 4 square grooves in the tyres, which have to be of a specific
deapth. (they might alter this on certain tracks by reducing the number of
grooves to three or maybe two.)
The front and rear wings will be re designed.

That's the pre*** changes to expect. Essentially, yes, they might look
very much like Formula 3000's, but, this will all depend on the final body
design from the manufacturers. I personally don't think they'll look THAT
much different.

The grooves will definately slow the car's down, and our broadcaster's
said, we will be able to expect a lot of "fish tailing" due to this. An
arguement to this is, no problem, they drive the grooves out the tyres, end
up with slicks, and go like normal, but, I'm sure there will be a new tyre
rule put in place making the cars pit two or three times on a compulsory
basis, we'll have to see.

At the end of the day, I think the engineers of all the teams will
obviously take this new design, and fine tune it into a performer, but what
I do hope, as I'm sure do a lot of other's, is that the racing now will
become much closer, with a number of driver's charging for the driver's
championship, not just a one man procession, or a two man dice.

Comments from others.....

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