Ferrari/Benetton testing news&times

Ferrari/Benetton testing news&times

Post by Guenther Bau » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 23:41:44

Hi folks,
some facts of the latest test session in Le Castellet/France:

Gerhard Berger/Ferrari drove after his suspension problems on Wednesday
55 laps on Thursday and achieved the fastest time of this day.
His fastest lap was a 1:09.10

His comments so far:
"Everything is okay. The car is good, however it doesn't have the niveau
of Benetton yet. The Ferrari shows a lot of pontential, but we have to
improve quite a couple of things, especially under the aspect of reliablity."

Ferrari will hold their next test session on the 6th and 7th of March.

Schumacher was quite pleased with the performance of his new car,
especially with the performance of the engine. Because of the good
impression of the new car the team cancelled their next test session in
Silverstone next week.

His fastest time yesterday was a 1:09.49 lap, which is some 0.39 seconds
slower than the one of Berger.

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