OT: FIAT (Ferrari) & Italy's Glorious Facism & Hitler

OT: FIAT (Ferrari) & Italy's Glorious Facism & Hitler

Post by frankha.. » Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:44:21

I was considering buying an 1995 F355 with 11,500 miles for about
$101 K.  I was wondering if there were any links for articles about
FIAT complicity with Italy's facism and collaboration with Mussolini
and Hitler.  I heard that FIAT trucks were used to deport jews, poles,
gypsies and other innocent people.  I don't want to buy a car if the
company who made it has *** on their hands.

Listed below if the link for the car.  I am considering having the F355
checked out but I need to know about FIAT and Ferrari history and
collaboration.  Yes Ferrari was founded in the 1950s but their past
with FIAT may still taint them (using MJF's logic).

Maybe I should just by a Porsche. The F355 is my budget but the Porsche
may be a better value.  Porsche also has had more success at LeMans.
Maybe I should spend a bit more for a newer F355.


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