How Much Does Formula 1 Advertising Affect Your Life?

How Much Does Formula 1 Advertising Affect Your Life?

Post by Kevin Fathm » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

I've tried brands that I've seen advertised,
like Rothmans, Players, Silk Cut, and, uhm,
what else?  I can't get or find West smokes here,
should've asked my German cousins to bring some
when they visited last year.  But, still,
I'm stuck on Camels, so Marlboro can't be
too happy with me, even though I could practically
draw their logos on the current car, and recognize
the non-ads in games and pictures, etc...<sigh><hack>

Never even tried Benson & Hedges, haven't wanted to
since the cars went from gold to yellow, and
there aren't any Agip or Elf gas stations over
here anyway.  Shell is okay, though, I don't think
it has the *** that some others have.

Does BP have any sponsorship in F1?  I saw one of
their signs during pre-race for Monaco, but have
never seen anything on a car...?
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