Damon Hill very great, not greatest.

Damon Hill very great, not greatest.

Post by L Buci » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I honestly believe that DH is a very great driver even though not the best
right now.

This is a man who has in near past proven is is the only man to consistently
compete the  all mighty Shu in a not so different car.

In 94/95 both  were in a renault powered car, Williams  might have been
superior but  not marginally.
Consider this :-

Johnny herbert was in the same car as MS and was amongst the front liners.
Even won 2 races for that matter. Leaves or gets  dumped by the team to
join Sauber. At  Sauber he teams another driver  who beats him squarely and
does not make the slightest impression there. That proves the technical
abilities of the Benneton driven by MS which completes the proof of the

With all the  above, DH runs close, competes and many time  goes wheel to
wheel with a driver who's one of the only 2 to have been able to match the
great senna with skill ( other is Prost ). Contends for a title in close
competition with this driver ( MS ). That is just enough to show the guy is
not as popularly said.

Who was Prost, besides winning 51 races compared to Senna. That of having
raced and at times and frustated a Senna is the biggest contribution to his
greatness. Who was Mansell in Senna's kongdom, well he beat him to
championship in 92 and secures some respect. Well he might have  without
Sennas help,  but the competition with him is the greatest contribution to
Mansell's place in history books.

DH is the only proven antidote to MS, the poor guy was still in his
development  anyway and it should not be  forgotten that he  was less
experinced that MS. But the speed at which he had to develop to stop a MS
bulldozer of 94 after the Imola tragedy tell to those smart enough to
understand, what may have happened if both stayed where they  were.

Damon is better than he is credited for, it's too unfortunate to bethat in
the same era as MS but has and I insist, painlfully chewed MS's ass

Imagine what would have happened in an F1 without MS. In those races with DH
at MS's ass, had MS not been in front in the first place, then what??????.


Damon Hill very great, not greatest.

Post by jcc.. » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I would say " Damon Hill very good, not great, not greatest."