FIA stands trial VI (Eisele strikes back and wins again)

FIA stands trial VI (Eisele strikes back and wins again)

Post by Thomas Gmu » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

The following is a press-release from AE TV Corporation GmbH as been
sent out to the agencies on June 6, 1997. (Sorry, I am a little late
with that one as well)

Second Interim Injuction against FIA - cancellation of the 1997 FIA
European Truck Racing Cup declared illegal

On June 6, 1997, and upon application of AE TV Cooperation, the District
Court in Frankfurt issued the second interim injunction against FIA
within three days. As you may recall, on June 4, 1997, the District
Court in Frankfurt ordered FIA to refrain immediately (as of June 4,
1997) from taking any measure to implement its decision to market the TV
rights of the 1997 European Truck Racing Cup. In reaction to this
judgement (wich will certainly have implications for the other FIA
series as well), FIA announced that it would cancel the 1997 FIA
European Truck Racing alltogether by way of a decision of the FIA World
Motor Sport Council on June 11, 1997. In today's Judgment, the Court
made it clear that it was not prepared to tolerate this outrageous move
by FIA and its "leading heads", Messrs. Ecclestone and Mosley, wich was
clearly designed to circumvent the ruling in the first Judgment. The
Court held that the new resolution announced by FIA would also infringe
Article 85 EC Treaty (prohibition of cartels) and ordered FIA today not
to announce, disseminate, make or implement, within the entire territory
of the EC, any resolution that the 1997 FIA European Truck Racing Cup
would be cancelled or would no longer form part of any international
series recognised by FIA. As already indicated in the first Judgment,
this interim injuction, if violated, would be subject to a fine of up to
DM 500.000 and imprisonment for FIA's President, Mr. Mosley. With the
help of our lawyers, the German law firm Oppenhoff & R?dler and the
international law firm Alliance of European Lawyers in Brussels (wich is
specialised in EC competition law and of wich Oppenhoff & R?dler is a
member), AE TV Cooperation will ensure full compliance with both interim

Today's Judgment is the second victory for all participants (apart from
FIA and ISC, of course) in the European Truck Racing Cup. In fact, if
the series had indeed been cancelled by FIA, all investments made by
organizers, manufacturers and teams in the series thus far, would have
been lost.

A copy of the Judgment has been faxed today to FIA (Mr. Mosley). The
European Commission in Brussels has also been informed of FIA's new
attempt to infringe EC competition rules.

Best regards

Wolfgang Eisele

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