True reason for Ferrari's sabotaged pit stop

True reason for Ferrari's sabotaged pit stop

Post by zbip » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

> A huge practical joke was played  out today by Montezuma and his merry
> band of Team Ferrari. A traveling Italian Circus Troupe traded places
> with the Ferrari pit crew during Eddies pit stop. "It was a big laugh
> ." said Montezuma, "Eddie was laughing so hard that he almost came out
> of the car to congratulate the crew."

> In unrelated news the Ferrari pit crew will replace the
> internationally renowned Chinese Fire Drill Team .

> james l

James, I'm sorry to say but you and countless others have been taken in like
the amateurs you truly are...

Was I the only one to spot the imposter amongst the pit crew's ranks?

Am I the only one to know the bumbling mechanic's true identity?

Who is he, I hear you ask?

He is the man of a thousand faces and a thousand nicknames...

He is one of ours...

He is to Ferrari what the seven plagues were to Egypt...

Think about it...  He *was* there...  He is everywhere...

He is Bartus, master of disguise!

Well done, Bartus!

On a more serious note, since they've managed to outbumble the lame Williams
crews of recent memory, I suggest the Scuderia's pit crew change their name
to 'Keystone Crew' in hommage to the fabled cops of the silent movie era.


zbip de Montral