First hand: Schumacher goes blond with Williams hat.

First hand: Schumacher goes blond with Williams hat.

Post by Gerard Stut » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

First of all, congratulations Jacques and excuse my Fido accent. }:-)

Fair and square, when Michael was told to do "his" thing instead of just
keeping you off, you and your team have _really_ out-smarted Jean Todt
and company. Nice /Panzer/ they've build you for the race. Did you
(later) see everybodies faces when the body of your car didn't just rip
apart as expected.  B-))

I didn't notice anything strange about your tripods while watching the
race, maybe I'll try later to find some detailed pictures of your
suspension and compare them carefully with earlier races. ;->>

No wonder your start was so slow, it just kept spinnin', didn't it!! I
first thought it was your lateral move that made the grip rip. Good
thing they've fixed your pitline speeding in resetting the clock while
you were in. X-DD

Anyway, who's idea was that wig that Michael was wearing when you and he
served the bar? =8-)

Steve (sorry, no last names here) just told me that when you all got
back to the hotel after looking for a place to party and decided to
re-open the hotel bar, the waiters had gone so you and Michael went
behind it. %-P

I assume David didn't stay until 7:30, I still feel a little sorry for
him. :-/

Oh and over here, rasf1 I mean, everybody is shouting at each other.
If they only knew..   X-DDDDD


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