Jordan to keep Peugeots?

Jordan to keep Peugeots?

Post by smik » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I thought about the whole thing too. Many things can change instantly,
e.g. if another car-manufacturer pops up as a engine sponsor (Audi,
Porsche, Volvo, Subaru etc.) . But this is what i think of it.

Peugeot went to Jordan after a couple of not very succesfull years with
another team. Part of the problem back then was engine reliability.
Possibly, this was why the big teams were not interested in Peugeot at
that time, and the deal with Jordan was made. But now things have
changed. The engine appears to be very strong and seems reliable enough
to compete at top level. So I think Peugeot 'is going for Gold'.
That means they would prefer a top team, with top partners and top
I read in magazines that Jordan does not have such a modern
infrastructure as e.g. Arrows, Williams, McLaren etc. Prost is also
building a complete new site in France. So, when Jordan does not invest
money in the infrastructure of the team, they could easely by an
relatively 'unatractive partner' for Peugeot. That is why I think
Peugeot will be partners with the Prost-team, also because of the
all-French charactre of the team.

If Honda themselves are to go into F1 (without the direct link with
Mugen), I don't think they will choose one of the less professional
teams. That is why I think Honda will not go along with Eddy either, but
probably with Arrows or Benneton.
But if still is Mugen in F1, than Jordan could very well be one of the
best options. Why ? Pure speculations, maybe, but I judge the
relationship between Honda and Mugen as one in which Honda wants Mugen
to do the dirty work until chances are too good to be missed. Then Honda
themselves will take the price without Mugen and the legendary status of
the Honda-engines will once again be confirmed. From this point of view
it would be logical that Mugen-honda will team up with a 'smaller team',
e.g. Jordan, or a team that is still in the developing stages, such as
Arrows and possibly other (new) teams like the Japanese Dome-team (if
they ever pop up in F1).

About Hart's V-10, I agree with you. I think he already showed that with
proper finances he is capable of making very good engines. But these
days this would mean the money will have to come from a major car
factory. Something like BMW with MECCA's. In that case Hart's V10 could
be hot.

What I don't really know for sure is the effect of the Concorde
Agreement on the share of the t.v.-money. If it correct that the oldest
teams take the biggest share of it, this could mean Tyrrell could be
financially more solid next year then they are now. Actually, with
chances of only a Ford V-10 programm (Steward's influence on this should
not be underestimated), the V-8 could very well disappear. That leaves
Tyrrell without an engine. If Tyrrell can finance a Hart V-10 with the
t.v. share and other sponsors, it will definitely be a team to keep an
eye on next year. Because Harvey P. does know how to build a car.