OT:Could GM & Ferrari build a $70,000 Cadillac version of the Ferrari 360?

OT:Could GM & Ferrari build a $70,000 Cadillac version of the Ferrari 360?

Post by Arthur Luxury-Yac » Sat, 21 Jul 2001 02:44:04

I know another NG member mentioned how he saw GM transmission
engineers outside the Ferrari factory at a restaurant.  Based on the
ownership or business relationship, I think Cadillac (GM) should drop
a Northstar V8 into a restyled version of the Ferrari 360 and call it
a Cadillac Allante.  They have this great name they could recycle.
The car would not be a total copy of the 360 but close. Get some young
and talented designers in California or Turin.

They could stamp the bodies and chassis using aluminum in the States
and bolt them together in Detroit or maybe a GM factory in Canada.  I
would guess the car would cost $35,000 to build if they sold 50,000.
They could price it at $60,000  to 70,000 and still make a bundle.  To
increase marketing cachet, they could say suspension by Ferrari or
have some other tie in.  Maybe have a prancing white horse as the new
Cadillac logo.  Make sure the car has Ferrari wheels and trim pieces.
I would buy one.

The Northstar V8 is not as good as the Ferrari V8 but it has about the
same grunt, sophistication and better gas milage.  For the automatic
version they could bolt on a GM hydromatic ***.  The Vette's 6
speed *** is probably just as good as Ferrari's and cheaper to
build.  They could also use Corvette parts to save money.  Cadillac
could have a higher-end Vette with Ferrari cachet.  You could have ads
with Schumacher for the U.S. only.  Schumacher sells FIATs in Europe,
he could sell Caddy's because GM is paying the bills anyway.

I think GM's execs should really push this idea as they control the
purse strings. This is a great idea.