Do rules save money or increase "unproductive" expenditure?

Do rules save money or increase "unproductive" expenditure?

Post by brafi.. » Wed, 12 Dec 2007 06:45:55

I sense that designing and building a "relaxed rules" car would be
much cheaper than sweating and researching microns and nanoseconds to
shave closer to an arbitrarily imposed limit.

I don't believe that the new rules on engines and wind tunnels will
decrease or even hold steady the actual costs of developing F1 cars.
Think of the monstrous effort and cost that will now go into
finagling, adjusting, and exploiting the use of existing wind tunnels
to maximize their use within the regs.

And then there are the lawyers' fees.

And the sheer *** and obstruction suffered by a smart and
impetuous engineer who must stop to question him/herself  "Does this
vector of the rear view mirror constitute (or could it appear to
another qualified engineer) to constitute a plane that, within the
spirit and letter of the regulations, a nil--effect non-moving
aerodynamic fixture; and is it or has it ever knowingly been a member
of the Communist Party"  ---- for Christ's sake, he/she is building a
damn good car and nobody will let them get on with it.  Hot-rod racing
starts to look inviting.