Jaques will continue as before.....

Jaques will continue as before.....

Post by Lucy La » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

From today's telegraph:
JACQUES Villeneuve sat on a high stool in a glass menagerie at the Museum of
Fine Arts here yesterday and pledged to continue speaking his mind.

Chastised, but not gagged, by the Federation International de l'Automobile
(FIA), for his criticisms of technical regulations for next year's Formula One
world championship, Villeneuve showed few signs of bowing to their sensitivity
to adverse comments.

Villeneuve, 26, feted like a conquering hero in his home town three days before
he races in Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix, said: "I've not been asked to change
my views, or to stop saying what I think, but to change the way I express them
and the words I use. I guess that means I cannot use the kind of language that
you use when you are at home and talking about something."

Too many of Formula One's uniformed spokesmen do nothing more than utter a
series of sponsors' names and attach them to weak hints at satisfaction and
happiness. Villeneuve's virility in thinking as he does - and in talking as he
sees fit - blows a hole through such sterile waffle.

Asked yesterday what he would do if the 1998 rules are introduced, despite his
objections, he said: "I will enjoy it less to start with, but then I could be
wrong . . . Now I enjoy it very much. I get a big rush from it and get a
thrill. I put my foot down, but it wants to come up and I push and I get closer
to my personal limits."

This weekend Villeneuve's ambition will be the victory which eluded him
narrowly last year. If he is successful, he will not only put Williams Renault
back on top of the constructors' championship - on the circuit named after his
father Gilles - but also deliver to Frank Williams his team's 100th F1 win.

Benetton Renault, who are desperate to end a win drought since Michael
Schumacher left for Ferrari in 1995, will be without Gerhard Berger following a
sinus operation. He is replaced by fellow Austrian Alex Wurz, the team's test
driver, who makes his F1 debut.

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