F1 History CD-ROM by Lifestyle Software

F1 History CD-ROM by Lifestyle Software

Post by Grant J. Flemi » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Re: Re: F1 History CD-ROM by Lifestyle Software

> > Does anyone know anything about an F1 CD-ROM by Lifestyle Software
> > (don't recall the actual name)?  I recently saw it in a store and
> > wondered if it is a worthwhlie purchase.  I visited their site at
> > http://www.lifeware.com but all I could find was cooking info!

> >                                         Cabin Man
> try:
> http://www.lifeware.com/sacis/f1.html

I have the CD in question and it is alright....it's a bit outdated but I have
enjoyed it. It does have volumes of information, some nice photographs,
videos, etc. The interface is okay, if a bit kludgy...

My only complaint is that I have not found any way to copy text or cut and
paste info/graphics to any other application. Ideally, it would be nice to
export the articles to text files so they could be uploaded to answer
questions etc on the BBS/internet...I'm sure there may be a work around, but
I haven't found it yet...