Ferrari JavaChat Live! with Eddie Irvine.

Ferrari JavaChat Live! with Eddie Irvine.

Post by aaa2 » Sat, 05 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello again....

I am, I'm afraid, the bearer of bad news!

Due to a change of schedules/travel times for Eddie Irvine, the
JavaChat Live! with him will  not possible before the Japanese Grand

This was in all sincerity out of our hands and I am very disappointed
after having told you here that it would be happening. I do apologise
for this.

JavaChat Live! will be running on the Shell-Ferrari Website
( until the day after the Japanese Grand Prix.
We will try to have someone on-line for chat btwn 11am-12noon British
Summer Time (1200-1300 GMT) Monday-Friday.

We hope this will be a feature of the 1997 Webstie and we look forward
to similar special events as we had planned for next week.

I will try to keep you informed through the discussion group, but do
keep and eye on the site even after the end of the season.

Cormac McGettigan