Damon, on the move

Damon, on the move

Post by Grant J. Flemi » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Re: Re: Damon, on the move

> >Any one heard anything more about Damon making a mid-season move to another
> >team?
> >--
> I read an artical this week  which says that he is considering staying
> at Arrows for next season as well as the rest of this season, and that
> he was very happy with the Arrows team!
> Regards, GT.
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He probably is happy with the team, Walkinshaw is a class act and I'm sure
the others at Arrows are also...too bad that Yamaha Thermonuclear Device
someone passed off as an engine on them is in the equation. Arrows has a lot
of work to do to become competetive....the first being getting a relaible
motor for the car.