Sidepod wings: Ferrari, please protest!!!

Sidepod wings: Ferrari, please protest!!!

Post by Mario Vukel » Sun, 12 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I hope McL soon comes up with sidepod wings, so that Ferrari can
protest them and they can be banned. I mean, i cant stand them
anymore. If it goes on like it has this year, at least half of the
field will have them by Hungary. And they are so UGLY. How can Damon
expect me to cheer for him when i have to run to the toilet everytime
a Jordan is on TV???

And Alain, can you please tell your engineers that they should try to
mount them more carefully? They are ugly enough, no need to mount them
in a way that looks as if a child has cut them out of a piece of paper
and glued them onto the car in an unattended minute.


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