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Complaint Station for Taco Bell
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lost and undeposited payroll check
From: junki Chung

Category: Employment
ComplaintResolution: Complaint
CompanyName: Taco Bell
TopicName: Payroll check
CompanyState: CA
Country: USA
CompanyDepartment: Payroll department
Date: 3/5/01
Time: 12:22:37 PM
Remote Name:

My name is junki Chung who worked for taco bell as a manager in Columbus,OH
(Oct. '98 to july. '99). At that time, I was visiting Korea to re-issue my
Status. However, I couldn't reissue. So I had to stay Korea for a while as
well as I couldn't work for taco bell anymore. At that time, I didn't get
last my payroll check and I didn't deposit my payroll check which I
received($500 something). So I sent my payroll check to my bank ( Bank one,
NA, Columbus, OH 43271). My checking account was 623103298. You can figure
out my payroll check deposit or not. Now I need two payroll checks. For this
problem, I am waiting for more than 6 months. I can't believe your compnay
anymore. I have requested new payroll check for 6 months, but still working
on it. I requested new payroll check on sept. 2000. After 6 months, i got 2
forgery papers and then I public noterized and sent back your company. still
waiting for.. So I reported consumer complain on the net and writing for
your company. before you solve this problem, I will do my best to get new
payroll check. Just think about it. Your company has to help all
employees(previous and current). $1000 is very big mony for me but your
company may be not. Please do not ignore my complain. When I worked for your
company, I worked very hard. Ask my previous GM (Al who is charge of Hudson
and high st on Columbus, OH).Please solve this problem as fast as possible.
I will stay in California until this month. i hope your company has to
listen each employee's concern things. This time I would like to belive your

tel)(323)734-8064 address: 951 south oxford Ave.#222, LA, CA 90006 I don't
want to wait for solving thhis problem anymore. I am waiting for more than 6
months after I requested new payroll check.



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sorry - forgot to mention this is OT.
sorry Paul, Jeffrey, Turdy and all the other*** slurpers.

Verdun rocks.



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>Complaint Station for Taco Bell
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It might be time to get the Anti SPAM reports ready????



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> Complaint Station for Taco Bell

You just gave this poor guys personal details out on the internet .......