Overseas Players In County Cricket

Overseas Players In County Cricket

Post by Don Hugh » Tue, 23 Aug 1994 16:49:29


>> ]>
>> ]> Remember, England are unique; the only northern hemisphere country to
>> ]> play test cricket.

>>        Factually incorrect :-) Pakistan, too, is a Northern hemisphere country, and
>> so is India (I'm not quite sure of Southern part of India and Sri lanka)...

>> Syed

>Factually incomplete ;-) All West Indian islands, plus Guyana are in
>the northern hemisphere too.  Infact, Guyana is at 5 degrees North.

>The *entire* Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka are in the northern

>-Mani Vembar


OK, OK guys, enough! Humble apologies. I just meant England was the only
country that played their home season in the period April-Sept. Everyone
else, regardless of whether they're in the north or south hemisphere,
plays their home season in Oct-Mar. That was the point.

Of course, now somone's gonna tell me that Sri Lanka have a new competition
that they play in June ...