Sachin is "one of the best", not "the best", why argue?

Sachin is "one of the best", not "the best", why argue?

Post by Chaudhry, Razi [FITZ3:1169:EXCH » Tue, 15 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Sachin Tandulkar is one of the best player cricket has ever produced.

No one is "the best" and no one is "perfect", including superbatsman
"Don, The Bradman".

I was once told that there is no end of brilliance, and I still believe
in it. Bradman must have been a super player, but he is not the end of
the world. Cricketers will continue to come and perform, on their day
they may outsmart Don himself.

It is in great honour of Sachin to be compared to Bradman. In no way
Sachin can replace Bradman. On the other had, neither, Bradman can
replace Sachin (in his own talent).

I have said it many a times that the two players belong to different era
can never be compared. Time is changed and so does Cricket.

Sachin's performance today is watch by zillions arround the globe and
criticized. Bradman's performance was witnessed by handful of spectators
and bragging News paper stories (not that I disagree with it).

For instance, reading Steve's inning yesterday in papers (and not
watched it on tv), I would say he must have been a superman of cricket.
But thats not true, there have been many a innings played by various
cricketers of similar or better stature. But because is "HOT", he turns
into overnight supereme. He was the similar Waugh who was criticized
harshly just two weeks ago. .. step down .. quit.. etc.

Similarly, one Tandulkar dismisal makes him zero, and one Tandulkar
century makes him mega-hero. Thats cricket fans-2000 for you!

Razi Chaudhry