Youngsters to regain the English pride?

Youngsters to regain the English pride?

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By Press Association cricket staff

     With places in the Test team to face Australia this summer
now up for grabs, a  new generation  of proven England stars is
already  knocking on the selectors'  door.  The  credentials of
several of the  England A party who have just  completed a tour
Down Under will surely be examined  following the senior team's
dismal showing in India and Sri Lanka.  The A tour provided the
perfect platform for  several of the young hopefuls to graduate
with honours.  Of the batsmen, Surrey's  Graham Thorpe  emerged
as a mature performer whose 444 runs in the three  and four-day
games  gave him a  tour average of 55, and  he also weighed  in
with 158 runs in the one-day matches.  Somerset's Mark Lathwell
scored two tour  hundreds, against Tasmania and New South Wales,
leaving team manager Norman  Gifford to forecast higher honours
if he maintains progress.  "The lad reminds me so much of Derek
Randall  in his  timing - and  he  has  a lot  of  class", said
Gifford.  The chirpy Graham Lloyd was the tour's most entertain-
ing batsman,  averaging 50 with  405 runs in the longer matches.
If he can curb his desire to ride his luck, Lancashire's son of
David could become the second member of the family to play Test
cricket.  Paul  Prichard and  Mike Roseberry  made  some useful
scores but will need to do a lot more on their  return to Essex
and Middlesex to achieve higher status.  Somerset's 24-year-old
pace bowler Andy Caddick, top  wicket-taker  with 21 victims in
the longer matches, looks a safe bet to be  carved in the Angus
Fraser mould if the Middlesex pace bowler has not yet recovered
fully from his problems. Mak Ilott and Peter Such also enhanced
their reputations.  Caddick and  Such are strong candidates for
international honours  this  summer while  Ilott's figures were
not a true  reflection of  the trouble  he caused most  batsmen.
Then there is Jack Russell.  He played in every  match, leading
the side in  the last four games  in the absence of the injured
Martyn Moxon, with the  burden of captaincy  causing no harm to
his immaculate wicket-keeping.  Russell says pointedly:  "Every
Test  and one-day international I  miss hurts badly.  This tour
has  been  a  great  challenge, helping  me to get  over my dis-
appointment at missing the tour to India." Moxon flies to South
Africa to join Yorkshire's pre-season tour tomorrow. Sadly, his
Test prospects have been  damaged  again by injury  on a winter
tour.  The fourth England A tour will also be remembered for an
ill-conceived itinerary. It was flawed from the moment the Test
and  County Cricket Board  gave their consent to a programme of
seven three  and four-day fixtures, three of  them declared non-
first  class games  with no  unofficial  Tests or one-day inter-
nationals.  It meant  that the  start and final  10 days of the
tour, spent in Alice Springs and Perth, was a fairly meaningless
exercise against weak Northern Territory and Western Australian
teams, with  Australian  Test  star Bruce Reid  withdrawn for a
Sheffield Shield match midway  through the final game.  England
completed the tour having won two of their four one-day matches
and two of their  three and four-day fixtures, with two defeats
and three draws.  But their wins against the Australian Cricket
Academy and the Western Australia XI will always be discredited
in the record of this two-month  tour because of the Australian
Cricket  Board's decision  not to give the matches  first-class

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UMass. Mar 22, 1993

According to BBC's Sports Round-Up today, "Syd" Lawrence
broke his knee again.  His Ashes hope is out!


Youngsters to regain the English pride?

Post by Nai Ying Kw » Wed, 24 Mar 1993 23:45:30

Aaargh! All this talk about youngsters!  Don't they realise that they have
to bring Gower back into the the Test fold?  <starts drooling>

I know my rabid Gower tendencies are showing again, but it really
irritates me that Moxon can be considered young.  The fellow is 30 or
around there for God's sake!

Sheesh, life can be a misery sometimes...