Bonda Bosad RK's Ghati(ya) logic

Bonda Bosad RK's Ghati(ya) logic

Post by Bondabashingexper » Mon, 15 Jan 2001 19:36:11

Bonda Bosadiyon ka representative RK opines in his posts:

"Since no good pace bowlers have come from Mumbai till now, Agarkar will
be ***by default."

Let me ask this to RK: Name a single good pace bowler from Karnataka who
played for India before Crapnath whom you idolize as a great pace bowler
came into the scene.

Saare Bonda Bosads Ka Baap Aur Anti-Bonda Bosads Ka Dost

Joke doing the rounds of Mumbai:

Q: What is the reason for India's winning drought abroad?

A: Srinath forgets to use toilets for crapping while travelling abroad.

Bonda is bad for your athletic son

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